Imp to Imp Communication

For one reason or another, you must want to connect two Arduinos to each other when they are far apart. So far apart that they need to connect to wifi, and different wifi networks at that. One solution is to use the Electric Imp. You can set it up in such a way that the […]

ESPn – Extrasensory Perception via a Network

Have you ever sent a text message to someone, and thought “wow that was easy.. I wish there was some more complicated way to get less functionality.” If so- this project is for you… I call it… ESPn! (extrasensory perception via a network). I wanted to make a nerdy gift for my girlfriend for our […]

Hall Effect Sensor

I needed a Hall Effect Sensor to count revolutions of a windmill, so I first went to sparkfun. I grabbed the first one I saw, the Melexis 1881. Unfortunately, when I went to use the sensor I discovered what many other people have already noticed- that this is a latched sensor. Instead of changing values […]

RPi + Thermal Printer

On a whim, I bought a tiny thermal receipt printer from adafruit. Why? I don’t know. Because it looked interesting? Don’t YOU want to print random things on paper with a tiny printer? You could even give people bills! I know you’re excited now. Anyways, there are libraries and ample tutorials that talk about interfacing […]

Arduino Fish Feeder

I have a fish. Last year I had more than one fish, but I bought some of those auto-dissolving pyramid feeders to use and all of the other fish died during thanksgiving weekend. I bought more fish, and used another different type of auto-dissolving gel at christmas and again, all fish except this one died. […]

Ratebeer Grabber

TL;DR I made an automated system that polls the ratebeer website and extracts my (or anyone’s) beer rating data. This data is stored in a database and then can be manipulated however desired. See a dump of my data here, and see my current end-usage here. I’m willing to provide a nice table of data […]